Using/installing "actions" in Photoshop Elements 2.0

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Hallvard Tangeraas
May 5, 2005
Having been to referred to the following site (in the thread "Layer styles" questions") which has loads of free stuff for Photoshop:
….. I’ve been busy for a while downloading lots effects and styles all day to get me started with web-graphics and stylized text. I believe I’ve found some pretty neat stuff which should get me started.

The "Layer styles" files work fine. I placed them all inside the Adobe\Photoshop Elements 2\Presets\Styles\ folder (I’m using Windows, if that wasn’t obvious from the file-path).

I can access all those styles from within Photoshop elements -the only downside being that there’s a loooong list there now, which would be great to somehow categorize/sub-categorize instead if possible -is it?

For the "Actions" files however I’m having problems. Reading the documentation that came with the downloads I was told to put them in the obviously named action folder, which on my system I found to be:
Adobe\Photoshop Elements 2\Presets\Photoshop Actions\

But not really knowing Photoshop elements I really didn’t know where to find them, so I found this page:

Where it says that with Photoshop elements I should put them in the Adobe\Photoshop Elements 2\Previews\Effects
folder (after clearing the cache files).

Now I’m a little confused because what’s the "Photoshop Actions" folder for in the first place then?
And If I do have to move them to the "Previews\Effects" folder, which action files rightfully do belong to the other folder. I seem to recall that it wasn’t empty to start with, so I assume there are some files that came with the program.
I don’t see any of the Actions in the "Styles" and "Effects" menues, so I assume I’ve done something wrong, or the files aren’t compatible with Photoshop Elements, and only Photoshop (there was only one Photoshop category at the site, nothing specifically for Elements).


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