Computer will not shut down after installing PE2.0

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Oct 18, 2003
I’m am new to this and have not even got to use my PE2.0. When I installed it to my Win98SE computer (256 MB) my computer will not shut down. It hangs on the Windows is shutting down screen. I do have Norton Internet Security but all was turned off to install. Any ideas? Believe men, any help will be appreciated!

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Oct 18, 2003
Hi, Sue.

This is probably not related, but you could try it to rule it out as a possibility…

If you have a sound assigned to play when Windows shuts down, and this sound file get’s wacky, it can keep Windows from closing.

To see if this is the case, go into your Control Panel, select the Sounds applet, and, if you have a sound assigned to the Exit Windows event, remove it (set it to "None").

Again, this is only a quick stab at an easy fix so that you can eliminate this as a possible cause of your problem.

Good luck!

Oct 19, 2003
Thanks, Byron. It would have been an easy fix. No sounds are turned on. I mentioned above that I do have NIS. I also bought System Works, have a new printer (825 Epson) Digital Camera and Photo Elements. (I was definitely ready to "play"). I ended up having to have my new hard drive "mirrored" again because the computer wouldn’t shut down. It is back to the Internet Security only. When I tried putting some things back in, it started "not" shutting down at the Photo Elements. So, of all the above programs–the only thing in the computer is the NIS and the new 4 port USB for my printer. All else was taken back out. (alas, not even the printer). Would I be better putting in the System Works and using maybe Zone Alarm for the firewall? I am using cable for connection. Thanks again for help!!

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