Unable to install Hidden Power of PSE2

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Apr 1, 2004

I am sure we can work through it, even if it requires a phone call. I’ve done that before, but usually only with really difficult problems (one unusual case, for example, where the person on PC somehow managed to create a second Program Files directory and was installing the tools to an Elements folder that wasn’t being used by the system!).

Please keep in contact — email or my forum are both fine places to discuss this topic!

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Apr 1, 2004
Hi Richard, Yes, probably email is good too, I am I was rather confused when I tried to read your forum, they were way way beyond me, all I wanted to know was how to get HP into my PSE where it belonged. The installations went OK as far as I could see, no error messages or troubles there.

I just got a new Mac yesterday, and am learning OS X, Panther, as fast as I can. When I get PSE 2 installed on it and figure out if all my plug ins, Shipleys and everything will work, then I will let you know, and we can try from the start on the new machine.
One of my problems on the old G4 could have been that I have too much stuff, and there could have been conflicts. Later on when I get this organized, I will post more screenshots. The screenshots were how Cyndy and I were able to see where my problems were.
Looking forward to this,

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