Photoshop Elements 2 install problems (MacOS 10.2.8)

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Ronald Florence
Sep 26, 2003
I am unable to install the 30-day trial version of Photoshop Elements
2.0 on a G4/2×867 PowerMac running MacOS 10.2.8. If I do an "easy
install" the VISE installer pops up several times, counts down to report that there are 0 files to install, then freezes with a rainbow lollypop, reporting that it is searching a disk that is unrelated to the install. If I try a custom install with limited portions of the package, the VISE intaller counts down until it finally freezes with a rainbow lollypop while running a permisions-setter.

If I kill the stalled installer, Powershop Elements 2.0 appears to be installed, but does not run.

I’ve ordered a cd version of the package, but would like to straighten out this installation glitch before I try it.


Ronald Florence

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