Problems installing CS3 trial on Vista Ultimate 32-Bit

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Jul 5, 2008
Hey guys-

So I’m having a bit of trouble installing the Photoshop CS3 trial on my laptop. I meet all the system requirements and am currently running Windows Vista Ultimate, 32-Bit, as my OS.

Whenever I try to install, the setup window opens then immediately hits me with the error

"Critical errors were found in the setup.
– Session has dependencies that could not be satisfied.
Please see the Setup log file for details."

and then subsequently closes. And I know you would like to look at the Setup log file, but unfortunately I’m unable to find it.

I’ve searched high and low for a solution, with no luck. If anyone could help me with this it’d be a BIG help.


P.S. Oh & FYI, this is the TRIAL downloaded from the Adobe website.

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