one color correction and contrast action to fit all images?

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Bill Proms
Sep 3, 2012
I have a bunch of images that I have scanned from negatives. Although I have been able to do minimal color corrections in the scanner software before the images were scanned, there is still more correcting to be done. Many of the scans are too red or yellow, some on the bluish side. I have PS CS4. The images are all in 16 bit RGB format. Is there an action I can devise to automatically color correct all of the images? So far, it seems that the actions I’ve come across still have to be revised for images that are too red or too orange, with a separate action for each and I need a *good* one action, do all images. Ideally, an automatic white balancer type action (using droppers) would be great, but I don’t know if this is possible for many different images with many different color imbalances.

I also need an action that can auto balance both the photos visible range (as many scanned a bit dark) and also auto increases contrast.

I have sometimes used the auto color and auto contrast of PS and this would have been great, but I find these features too general to be of much use.

I have about 150 images that need color correcting, brightening, and contrast enhanced and an action would be welcome. Also, there may be plug-ins to take care of these needs so if there are any free ones, that would be first on the list followed by paid as a last resort.

Thanks for your help.


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Sep 8, 2012
why can’t you create your own action
it isn’t that hard try it

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