How to use BATCH to save lower (I mean in kbytes size) .jpg files ?

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Apr 28, 2008
I´ve tried the following steps : Files > Automate > Batch , then on Source > Choose , I chose the folder on which the JPG pictures I want to save as smaller files are , then on "Destination" field I chose Save and Close .

As I run the batch , I can see pictures of the selected folder to be opened and closed sequentially , but the files size keep as they were.
How can I configure the BATCH so that pictures to be saved automatically with more compression ? Thank you.
Apr 28, 2008
Make the action just a save as to a lower compression rate. Make sure to check the "override action save" check box in the batch. ALSO make sure to duplicate your folder! Before actioning.
Apr 28, 2008
You forgot the central part of the Batch command—the Action. Batch itself cannot do anything but open a file, execute an Action on it, and save it.

So create an Action that will do whatever you want to do on a single image file. Then run the Batch command on a folder full of image files, and it will apply the Action to each file. In your case, the Action just has to resize the image (Image > Image Size). Do not record the File Open command in the Action, as Batch will perform the opening for you. So to create the Action, first open one image file manually, then start the recording the Action’s tasks.

Do include the Save As command and there, select the file format (JPEG) and the degree of compression (JPEG Quality). In the Batch dialog box, uncheck the "Override File Open Command" check box but have the "Override Save As Command" ticked. Make sure all your files are 8 bpc (bits per channel), or the Save As command will fail (because you cannot save 16 bpc files as JPEG). You may want to include a command in your Action that switches the mode to 8 bpc (it will do nothing if the image already is 8 bpc … but in order to be able to record that command you’d need to start out with a 16 bpc file).

— Olaf
Apr 30, 2008
I followed your advise and created an Action by opening a .jpg file is inside the folder with files to be rewritten (open was not recorded in such Action) , applied a Save as command (I chose quality 7 to reduce file size ) and finally Ctrl+W to close.

I checked if the mode is 8 bpc by opening Image>Mode>8 bits/channel and then on next step I opened the batch and called the previous recorded action , selected the source Folder and chose the same folder on which the files are , unchecked the Override Action “Open” Command ; then Override Action “Save as” command has been ticked , destination selected is Save and Close.

The Batch was run , I could see files open and close , but at the end of the operation no file has been reduced. Please , what´s amiss ? Thank you for your support. RW

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