Nikon Scanner NEF files in Photoshop CS 2

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Joseph Chamberlain
Nov 17, 2006
Thank you John, Ann and Ramon for your answers to my questions. Also forgive me for such a late reply as I haven’t been able to respond sooner due to some family emergencies.

After an exchange with some technical support representatives at Nikon and the posts I have received here it has become clear that there isn’t a solution for opening the NEF files generated by Nikon scanners in Camera Raw.

A problem I found with TIFF is that the Nikon’s Capture software that accompanies the film scanners produces thumbnails that are small and of low quality. After scanning multiple slides to a folder I then proceeded to point Bridge to this folder and the images I see in Bridge are of low quality despite the fact that I have scanned the slides at the highest possible quality and resolution.

There isn’t a setting in Nikon Capture that allows me to choose the size and quality of the thumbnails.

In case I choose to convert all these scanned TIFF files to DNG, will it allow me to replace the thumbnails with larger ones or is the thumbnail embedded in the TIFF format the one always used by default ?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Joseph Chamberlain

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Nov 17, 2006
How do you propose to "convert all these scanned TIFF files to DNG"? In Lightroom?

Isn’t Bridge creating its own thumbnails anyway? Try Purging the Cache (from Bridge’s "Tools" menu) for the folder in question.

If that doesn’t do it, removing the low-res thumbnails might be the best solution. I’m sure the folks at the Adobe Photoshop Scripting forum can help you with that. There may already exist a script to do that.
Nov 21, 2006
Maybe is bridge not creating thumbnails for large files. Look in its preferences. Be aware that Lighroom will not open files > 100MB.
Joseph Chamberlain
Dec 5, 2006

Again please forgive me for such a delayed reply to your post. My work schedule sometimes prevents me from being able to place messages in a timely manner. Also thank you for your help and suggestions.

After trying DNG converter I realized it only works with RAW files. Somehow I was under the impression that any image could be converted to DNG so that metadata and editing information could be saved as part of the file.

I’ve tried purging the cache but it didn’t work. I’ve also tried searching Google for applications and scripts that would allow me to replace the low res thumbnails but didn’t find anything.

Following your suggestion I have placed a post to the Photoshop Scripting forum and I will wait to see if any good suggestions are offered.

Thank you again for your help,

Joseph Chamberlain

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