Help! with this action/script (today date in info file)

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Jul 22, 2006
hi I’ a photograph and I work for a local paper here in italy, I create an action and in INFO FILE I put inside all info for my newspaper but I NEED to insert "today’s date" every day.
Every time i run my action everything is all right but, in File/info file/origin the date I see is old… It is the date when I create the action….
And I have to press TODAY to show it correctly…

Is there and action or script to add to my action to solve my problem??? so when I run the action I do not have to press TODAY for every photo… I hope you undersatand me…
Sorry for my english, thanks in advance, Milo

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Danny Raphael
Jul 22, 2006
Hello, Milo:

Your English is very good. My Italian is none! 🙂

Your problem could be solved with a script, but I am not scripting literate.

The following seems to work using actions. Try it:
* Open a new image (any size, any resolution)
* Record a new action
* (1) File > File Info > Origin ….fill in all fields, but NO date (leave blank) … OK to close dialog and record step
* (2) again: File > File Info > Origin ….click TODAY … OK to close dialog and record step
STOP recording

* 2 steps in action: One for the date, one for everything else

"Tomorrow" – Before playing the action
* Open any image
* In the action double-click on the "Set file info" command (the one for the DATE). This will open the File Info dialog
* Click TODAY to update the date field
* Click OK to close the File > Info dialog and update the "Set file info" command in the action

When you play the action the "new date" will be filled in automatically.

Does this help?


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