DUOTONE with METALLIC Pantone Spot Color – POSSIBLE???

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May 21, 2004
Can I make a duotone or monotone with a Pantone Metallic Ink and save it so that the Metallic Color will print to it’s own plate? I’d like the photos on a package I’m designing for a camera to print in silver ink over a black background. Is a duotone possible? Or would I have to do only a monotone? Then how do I transfer this to a spot channel?

To complicate things even more, I’d like to partially cover the metallic imagery with CMYK imagery — I figure I can do those graphics in a separate eps file and import them into Freehand, my final program in which I will send all of this to print. I plan to make the black background in Freehand as well.

Is a metallic spot plate exorbitantly expensive?

Any input really appreciated!

Anyone know of any good tutorial or reading on Duotones and Using Spot Colors in Photoshop for importing into an illustration program.


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May 21, 2004
I don’t know of any tutorial

A metallic spot plate can add from $400 to "whatever" to the price of a printing job, and greatly increases the risk of becoming a total fiasco in untrained hands

Freehand isn’t a layout application

Intricate masking is needed for CMYK+metallic images, and the file should be saved as a DCS2

You can use a metallic color in a duotone if you save the file as an EPS

In case of fire, brake the glass
May 21, 2004
How fast are you driving your Press?
May 21, 2004
Ann, I was working my way up to advising Richard to hire a professional pre press artist. (as in an emergency situation, since it seems that he’s working on a live job)

I wish I had a press.
(not really)

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