Batch processing Raw files in CS

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Apr 12, 2004
I am having trouble batch processing raw files in CS – I want to have a folder of tiffs for each raw file. I have followed the directions in the help menu that tell you to create an action by naming it, hitting record, and then opening a raw image.

By doing this, once the action is recorded, CS keeps applying that actual image when I try to process a folder of images. So, I end up with one image rather than the many that I’m trying to convert to tiffs! I used the "selected image" in the CS raw dialog box as suggested on this forum, but the problem still keeps happening. I feel like the problem is that I’m recording BEFORE opening the image, but Photoshop won’t let you move over to actions once you are in the raw dialog box.

HELP! (please)

Lynne Siler

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Apr 12, 2004

The above link will take you to a nice little script called

Dr. Browns Image Processor.
You can watch the QuickTime movie and see how it works before downloading it(free)
Apr 14, 2004
Thanks for the tip – I downloaded it and it works great! I also downloaded (purchased) a pdf file from Seth Resnick’s site all about digital workflow. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve heard good things about it.

THanks for your help,

Apr 14, 2004
Darn it, CygnusX1! You’ve just about given me the last impulse to order the upgrade to Photoshop 8 with that link. Now I’m going to have to start using Panther more and more.

(Thanks :))
ts sinful
Apr 27, 2004
is photoshop 7 same as photoshop cs?
if no
what is cs?
i notice i have no scripts folder in 7.0
can i run dr browns with 7.0?
pls if you like reply by email ty!!!

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