File name overwrites during Batch process

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Jul 16, 2008
Mac, OSX, CS2. (and Windows CS2, CS3)
I’ve searched and read plenty of posts about this problem, but I don’t see any solutions. Maybe a few workarounds. So, I’ll try myself. This problem does not exist prior to CS2 for me.

I’m writing an action that involves opening a PDF, trimming, etc, then saving as a TIFF.

My result is one file, overwriting itself (with the contents of my source folder) with the name of the file I used to write the Action. I don’t "touch" the file name in the "save as" dialog box, but of course I have to "save as", because I need a different file format than the source.

I’ve been using Actions/Batch/Droplets since they became available, maybe Photoshop 4. I just don’t get this.

Thanks for your consideration.

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