Naming files when Batch Processing

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Apr 14, 2004
I am attempting to batch process several thousand images. The action is to open a gif file, copy it, paste it into a new psd, then reduce the size, and name it with the same name as the original file, but in a separate folder.

(This was the only way we could retain the quality of the original image. When we merely reduced the original gif. all quality was lost.)

The problem is that I can’t instruct the batch process to use the original names of the files. The new psd is called Untitled 1 by the system. The first image renames fine, but the second image receives the same name, etc. etc. It is imperative that the names of the images do not change.

Is it possible to instruct the program to use the original name of the image file when you are renaming it from an untitled psd. and going through a directory of images one by one?

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