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Feb 4, 2008
I am trying to automate the conversion of PDF files created at print resolution (300dpi) to a smaller thumbnail saved as a lower resolution jpeg. I have been trying to do this with the Batch feature of PhotoShop CS3, but I cannot get it to run correctly.
Specifics: Source files are 1,000+ large PDFs named with a unique number. Size 571mm x 365mm. Resolution 300dpi.
Destination is to be another folder with image type JPEG, size set to 180mm wide, resolution 180dpi, and with the same file name.

If I manually open the PDFs and convert them to JPEGs, then use the Batch feature with an Action to open these files, reduce file size, and then save to another destination, it works fine, but I cannot find a way to do the conversion as part of the batch process.

I have tried all permutations of the selections in the Batch dialogue, but the best I can get is the system writing all converted PDFs to the same filename (thus over-writing previous output).

Has anyone tried this successfully, or tested a system that works?

BTW this was does with the latest version of PS on both Mac and Windows.

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Feb 4, 2008
I’s suggest the following:
– Load all PDFs as layers (File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack) – Resize the layered document as needed
– File > Scripts > Export Layers to Files
Feb 4, 2008

That appears to work in concept, but the problem is automating this for 1,000+ images, and the fact that the output filename has changed (the process appends layer number to the file).

But you concept lead me to File:Script:Image Processing which successfully does just what I need.

Thanks, Murray

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