PS CS date/time of file creation is garbage

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Jun 22, 2004
When reviewing pictures in the File Manager of PS CS, I noticed that the information displayed concerning the date and time of file creation was complete garbage — completely random dates and times. However, the EXIF data is correct. I checked that the Win XP system date and time is correct (wouldn’t explain random and different dates/times for each file though).


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Jun 23, 2004
It seems to happen to some people.

Did you check the system time zone?
Jun 23, 2004
It happens to me too. WinXP; PSCS; system time/time zone OK.

Since I don’t use the data it doesn’t bother me but I noticed when exploring the File Browser’s hidden depths.
Jul 1, 2004

Yes (if I understand you correctly) — see my original post. System time is correct. But that wouldn’t explain completely random and different dates and times for each file. Could it be anything to do with having used the XP browser / previewer? I haven’t investigated this, but I have used the XP browser / previewer sometimes to preview / rotate / slide show. I’m not sure whether it’s only those files that are affected. Perhaps Adobe could look into this as it’s not just me. I’ve since discovered that rotating using XP is BAD since it kills off lots of your EXIF data.

Another thing with the PS CS file browser: when I right click and go to Image Info (or File Info or something like that, I don’t have PS CS on this system), a lot of the EXIF data is not shown under the various tabs, e.g. shutter speed and aperture, despite it still being there under MetaData in the main PS CS browser window. What’s the deal there?


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