Wierd File Issue In PSE3 Organizer

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Jay Beckman
Sep 28, 2005
Hello All…

I recently decided to overhaul my collection of photos so I blew out the exsisting catalog and let it make a new one.

I then performed a search for all images on the drive.

Along the way, it detected some that were damaged or corrupt (argh) but it also indicated that some were not the right color space and ignored them completely. I did mess with Adobe RGB for a while but have been using sRGB almost exclusively since getting my EOS 20D. Some of the images it didn’t like are only a couple of days old.

Long story short, I ended up with around 60-70 (out of 4500) pics that I had to open in the editor and then re-saved them in .psd format instead. I guess the .CR2 Raw files are now just taking up space?

Anyone else ever encounter this? Any thoughts on why PSE3 did this?


Jay Beckman
Chandler, AZ

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