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May 24, 2005
Hi folks, I am running PS Elements 3.0 on a 17" PowerBook Mac. Today I scanned a page and wanted to save the raw scan to disc. However, the program gave me an alert box saying: "Couldn’t save as "Untitled-1.psd" because of a program error." Now, as I write to you on behalf of your assistance it occurs to me, that this has happened yesterday, too – but not the time before. What could have gone wrong ? I am running OSX 10.4, latest update. Is there maybe a cache memory that needs some "special" treatment or can this problem be remedied erasing the prefs ? Any idea ? Has anybody else had this or a similar problem ?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Colin Walls
May 24, 2005
This kind of probelm is generally sorted by doing a prefs reset. Hold down CTRL/SHIFT/OPTION [is that right on a Mac – it’s ALT on a PC] immediately after starting the program and accept the dialog.

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