Normal User can’t run PSE2, Registry Error due to restrictions

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Jul 20, 2004
Hi all!

I’ve got a new problem here. As I mentioned earlier we got very strong security policies here and a user is not able to use any software like regedit or other registry-editing software. Now as we are testing PSE2.0 we’ve encountered an error message stating that the use of programs to modify the registry is not allowed (due to a policy which is set by me).

It seems, PSE tries to register a file called PhotoshopElements.reg using simple regedit /s "file". We run the program with administrative rights and anything is ok, the entries are correctly entered in the registry but with normal user rights the error still appears. Seems, the program always want to write the data even if they are exist.

btw. after passing the msgbox, the program just runs fine, but thats not an option. The box must not appear. Although, lowering security (i. e. enable use of "regedit") is not possible, too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and nice greetings from Germany.

Jan Wrage

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