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Apr 1, 2004
Using an Epson 3200 Photo with Mac OS 10.2.8 on an eMac. When I bring up the Import menu, it lists several options, including the 3200, and then a long list of Epson scanners, including the 3200. When I try to use the first "3200" the error message appears. But if I scroll down the list of scanners to the other "3200" it works fine. If I can’t get it to work properly up at the top of the menu (which would be handy) can I at least delete that option from the menu so it is less maddening? Is this an Epson problem maybe? I have the latest upgrade to Epson Scan. It has done this though an OS reinstall, scanner software reinstall (all) and religious repairing of priveleges.
Apr 1, 2004
You should be able to go into the application folder of Elements and simply trash that bad scanner profile. I didn’t have this problem when I loaded the 3200 software on my 10.2.6 system, but it should be in Plugins>Import/Export. I’d suggest sliding it to the desktop, restarting Elements, and then verifying you got the right one before a final trash, though! 🙂 You can probably clear out a number of things in there that you don’t need.
Apr 2, 2004
Thanks Beth – I dragged the "Epson Scanner Perfection 3200" plug-in to the desktop as you suggested, and that has removed it from the drop-down menu. The scanner software opens fine from the other list of scanners. I will hang on to it for a bit to make sure.

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