How to stop Photoshop from making itself the default app for images it saves

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Aug 24, 2006
Is there a way to stop Photoshop from making its self the default application to open files that it saves? .PSDs I can understand but when I save a .jpg I want it to open in my default image app (Xee) when I double click the file. Anyone know how to do this?

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Aug 24, 2006
when I save a .jpg I want it to open in my default image app (Xee) when I double click the file.

But why??

Anyone know how to do this?

Just Cmd i on any JPEG’s icon and set your System to always open all files of that kind in "Xee" (whatever that is!).
Aug 24, 2006
Why: Because I don’t feel like waiting for PS to launch ever time I want to view a file that I could easily see in a app that takes a fraction of the time to launch.

The Command I thing works but I want to prevent PS from doing it in the first place, the next time the file gets saved or the next new file from PS will be exactly the same.
Aug 24, 2006
Get rid of PS.

Doesn’t sound like you’re getting much use out of it anyway.

Most of us who use Photoshop almost always have the application open, so there is never a ‘wait to launch’ time to consider.
Aug 24, 2006
Have you tried checking the JPEG box in the format window of Xee preferences?
Aug 24, 2006
That’s funny, Ken.

I never really even thought about it, but on the rare occasions when I shut my system down or reboot, the first 3 things I launch ALWAYS are Firefox, Thunderbird and Photoshop, in that order.

Last reboot: Several weeks ago after I replaced my hard drive, so Photoshop has been running all that time, too.

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