Trying to print File Info crashing Photoshop CS

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Jul 23, 2004
I just started using a Canon i9900 printer. When I select to print my description from File Info on the print, Photoshop crashes. This is working fine with my Epson 1270. I suspect it’s a problem with the Canon Drivers, but has anyone else experienced this? I contacted Canon support and they palmed off the problem on Photoshop (which I actually doubt). If it’s actually a Photoshop problem does anyone have any suggestions for fixing?

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Jul 23, 2004
I found a fix, but I’m still not sure what the problem was. I was trying to print using a custom page size. When I selected a built in page size it worked fine. However, when I re-selected the same custom page size it started to print without crashing! Believe me. I’d tried a bunch of fixes over 2 days with consistent crashes until I did this. Maybe this will help someone else in the future.
Aug 5, 2004
New to the forum.

I cannot find from the "Help" in Photoshop 7 how to print a "File Info" located under "File" on the tool bar. I tried opening the XMP file through Word but only get program language.

I would like to a clean print up of the information that I have stored there.
Aug 17, 2004
Ric: Did you ever get this description crashing problem resolved?


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