How to reproduce high quality photographic images with Photoshop?

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Jul 14, 2006
I’m currently using Photoshop 6. Right now we are reproducing out of print CDs for small record labels. I scan the covers at 300 dpi and have a template that is a 300 dpi psd file at about 54mb.

I merge the scan onto the template, add some text and save the file as a high quality jpeg, usally at about 6mb.

When I print the new jpeg, the front cover that was originally a very crisp photographic image comes out a bit pixelated, definitely not the most crisp image you can get.

I’m printing on an HP color laserjet 1500L.

My question is, how can get my prints to look more like the original cd cover and not a lower quality reproduction?

I can’t figure out if it’s something in the Scan size, how I’m saving it, or my printer??

ANY help would be greatly appreciated.


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