Photoshop starts when opening a Quark file…

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C Andros
Mar 6, 2004

Have you ever heard of this…
When opening a Quark file (either from within Quark – File-open or by double clicking the file) 70% of the time Photoshop starts up first, then the file opens in Quark.

The Photoshop application never completely starts up but Photoshop.exe is running in the Task Manager-Processes tab.


File-open from Quark or double click the quark file. The file name shows in the title bar of the Quark window.
A long delay
The Photoshop splash screen appears
Wait for Photoshop libraries, fonts, etc. to load
Splash screen disappears
Another very long, very long delay
File opens in the Quark window.
The only way to stop Photoshop is thru the Task Manager Processes tab.

A FEW ADDITIONAL POINTS…. I have checked Windows "file associations" and all looks good.

It never occurs when I open the first Quark file (i.e. when Quark starts up the first time). Only on subsequent file openings, when Quark is already running.

I have 2 computers, both running XP Professional and it happens on both computers. I am using Quark 5 and Photoshop 7. Both have pleanty of memory (256Mb and 512Mb).

I have posted to Quark forums with meaningless results. I am hoping someone there has heard of this happening.
Any thoughts? I thank you kindly!

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