files don’t open after photoshop starts

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Apr 25, 2004
I have Photoshop 7 running on a Windows 2000 system. When I double click on an icon in a directory, ONLY if the file is a .PSD file will Photoshop start and open the image. If it is .TIFF, .JPEG etc. Photoshop starts but the image doesn’t open (I then have to go through the file>open> business to see my image). This was not the case in Photoshop 6. I have tried reinstalling the application but still get the same behavior. Is there some option I need to set to get Photoshop to acutally open non .PSD images automatically?

Note: Windows 2000 (all patches) fast Athlon CPU, 1.25 GB memory, lots of disk.

Apr 26, 2004
I am reciving an error every time i load photoshop 7 of
"Could not initalize photoshop because there is not enough memory(RAM)"

But there is enough memory. i have reinstalled photoshop, windows xp pro twice there are no other mem intencive programs running on my system and i have 450 out of 512 megs of ram free. What is the problem?!

was checking online and many people have had this problem but there were no posted soloutions. i need a simple streight answer for what to do. One post mentioned removeing certin dll’s that may have been corrupted but did not name them. If anyone can answer this question please i need help.


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