FYI: PSCS problem saving ".tmp" files when using Save or Save As.

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Dec 4, 2003
Hi All,

Seem PSCS saves files differently than PS7.0. I’ve been seeing the following error msg when attempting to save files:

"Could not save as "~1ddk312.tmp" because the file is already in use or was left open."

Well, it turns out, the bug is not a real bug. Its a contention between PS CS new way of saving files, and my ACDSEE image viewer fighting over the .TMP file. It’s a race condition between both software programs. This never happened with PS7.0 or earlier.

Here’s what happens. PSCS now opens a .TMP file to save the image. As its being written, ACDSEE tries to create a thumbnail of the image. When PS is done writing, it now attempts to rename the .TMP to the original file name. BUT if ACDSEE is still reading it to create the thumbnail, PS will error on the rename, leaving the .TMP in the directory.

So, the solution is to keep ACDSEE or any image viewer in non-thumbnail mode so its not watching folder updates to gen thumbnails. The contention goes away, and life is happy.

Just an FYI for future reference.


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Dec 4, 2003
interesting doug… thanks.
Dec 4, 2003
It appears that CS is leaving some third party software in the dust. So, wnen is a bug not a bug? Is it up to the other software vendors to figure out the changes and change their stuff? If a sccanner now has conflicts with CS, is it up to the scanner people to make changes, when said changes might introduce conflicts with other programs?

Just inquiring! 😉
Dec 5, 2003
Shouldn’t ACDSEE ingore .tmp files? Methinks ACDSEE is too aggressive
Dec 5, 2003

I agree.

Has anyone else tested this claim. I find it hard to believe that ACDSee (In a read only mode) is locking files mid save.
Dec 5, 2003
Has anyone else tested this claim. I find it hard to believe that ACDSee
(In a read only mode) is locking files mid save.

It may not be mid save – they could be trying to read it after it’s been fully written, but before Photoshop CS has had a chance to rename it. The failure of the rename counts as a write failure. I’ll look into it.

Dec 6, 2003

I finally discovered this when writing out a 380mb PSD with multiple layers. ACDSEE crashed with a UAE dialog box, as PSCS was writting out the file. So, it seems ACDSEE, when auto refresh is enabled, scans all files being added to the directory.

Does it scan .TMP files? Yes. it scans ALL files. If you wrote a file without the .TIF extension, ACDSEE displays it in blue highlight for the .TIF file type, but doesn’t display the .TIF extention. It seems ACDSEE is agressively trying to determine file types based on content if it doesn’t know the extension.

OH! I’m running ACDSEE 3.1 or 3.2. Dunno if it affects 4.0+


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