unexpected end-of-file enountered?!

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Oct 19, 2003
ok so i saved a psd file the other day ..and then tried to open it to today and and error message appeared ‘ cannot open because an un expected end-of-file was encountered’
and pretty much the same error in image ready

never happened before with any file , so is there any way to recover the file or restore it to its original state or another program that would be able to open it no matter what?

you guys are the pros so you tell me , is the prob fixable or not? using xp, 64 mb ram…(certainly not the prob)
yeh as i said NEVER happened before so i dont think its a prob with the actual computer components

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Oct 19, 2003
Almost certainly not fixable. This message means there is an error in the version of the file saved on your hard disk, and is unrecoverable. Your only hope (faint) is that some other program that can read psd (Corel?) might have a looser parsing engine, and thus be able to recover a part of the file.
Oct 19, 2003
Not fixable short of maybe a CIA coding wizard.

However, various other programs can open the image up TO the EOF (such as IrfanView, but no layers preserved). Might be most of it, might be only a small part of it. Depends on where in the file sequence the error occured.

Oct 19, 2003

using xp, 64 mb ram…(certainly not the prob)<<

64 Mb is VERY lean for running Photoshop under ANY O/S but particularly for XP. In fact, if memory serves, it is below the system specs for versions of Photoshop greater than 5.5. I would suggest an absolute minimum of 256 Mb.

NEVER happened before so i dont think its a prob with the actual computer

Well it COULD have resulted from a glitch – maybe a power spike – but it is more likely to be a sign of something starting to fail on your machine – HDD, HDD cables not seated fully or the IDE controller being the most likely.
Nov 5, 2003
I am having the same error message – unexpected end of file. This is happening at a college where the students save their work to a network drive as they don’t have access to the hard-drive on their pc. They create their images in Photoshop 7.0 and it appears to save without any problems. When the go to open their saved file, the error is could not open filename.psd because of an unexpected end of file was encountered.

I know from reading the above I can’t retrieve their work for them but I need to stop it from happening.

Each student uses a P4 2.00Ghz personal computer with 512meg RAM on a Windows 2000 O/S. They log onto a Novell Netware network & have 50 meg of assigned space on their "home’ directory. Other software includes Office XP. Any help would be hugely appreciated.
Cheers Jo
Nov 5, 2003

Basically you have a network issue – this is a fairly frequent problem with Netware networks, and the only ‘fix’ I have seen posted is to use the Microsoft Client Service for Netware rather than the Netware one.

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