Color Management Issues in PS 6

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Sep 30, 2003
I have just finished recruitment projects and struggled with a red/yellow cast on digital files from our Nikon D1 camera. I kept trying to adjust the photos and ended up with photos slightly posterized. I don’t know how else to describe it other than I had to "pull" really hard to get anything somewhat close to acceptable color. The cast is enough to notice – not garish, but you know something is wrong. This also happens with files scanned from my flat bed scanner.

I have always used a Pantone Colorvision Syder to calibrate. I do about five to six color jobs a year all about this time. I have a 4c calendar coming up and I can’t have the faces with this color cast.

I can open the test file from ColorVision and the file is perfect on screen. I can open an image in Nikon View from the digital camera and it looks beautiful. Then I have Nikon View open the file in PHotoshop and there goes the color.

I have worked on this for three days and I am at my wit’s end. Can anyone help me out? I don’t know if it is my monitor (doesn’t make sense if the test image and the Nikon View previews look great) or if it is the calibrator or if I’m doing something wrong in Photoshop.

I have tried opening the image with the Nikon embedded profile and with the Adobe RGB profile. They both look the same. Everything is messed up once I get into Photoshop. By the way, my scanner does not embed a profile.

I would appreciate any help. I tried looking in the past forums, but didn’t see anything similar to my situation. Sorry if I’m repeating.

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Oct 1, 2003

Off the top of my head, that’s odd. What color space are you working in? Are the images 8 bit RGB? What profile (if any) is embedded in the image? Are you being asked to convert the images via camera or scanner to the current profile?

In the lower left hand corner of photoshop where it has document sizes, click that and have it show profiles, to help identify what’s what.

You may want to post the PSD on a web location somewhere and tell us the link. You might get better help if we can see an example.

Oct 1, 2003
First off Connie, did you shoot in the images in the NEF (raw) file format. If you did, then correction is really very easy in Nikon Capture (download the trial version and do the corrections and save the images out of Nikon Capture as a TIFF file).

If you shot as JPEG’s, have you tried Auto Color in Adobe Photoshop (version 7 or later).

If you are using the monitor profile generated with the Spyder, please ensure that Adobe Gamma is turned off (go to Start->Programs->Startup and delete the Adobe Gamma Loader shortcut in that folder). Having 2 profile loaders trying to load the monitor profile can cause complications which you need to eliminate.

(Posted from the UK)
Oct 1, 2003
Tony –
Thanks for your reply. I put together a few images. Three from our Nikon D1 camera and three scans from my flatbed. I put all the information on this web page. Hope that helps explain my problem better.


I am downloading the Nikon Capture demo and am anxious to see if I get different results.

If I do an auto adjust on any of these pics, the images just get darker and the color shift is more prominant. I just hate to adjust the pics if I don’t have to.

Thanks for the help.
Oct 7, 2003
I am working in Photoshop 7 in Windows. After one of the recent updates that came through to Photoshop, I now get a message with every file (tif, jpg, etc. whether RGB, CMYK, etc.) that I open that tells me the document does not have an embedded color profile. What happened to the ones I did when I created the files?? I have thousands of images and files and cannot possibly remember what color profiles I originally used for all of them. If this cannot be "undone" or "fixed," are there any ideas as to what I should select when I open those files? Should I select "leave as is (do not color manage), or "working CMYK or RGB color profile" (depending upon what type of file it is), or Go to the "Assign a Profile" and take my best guess?
Oct 7, 2003
Jean – the message means what it says. If it says there is no profile, then a profile was not saved with the file.
Oct 7, 2003
Then something is happening that is erasing all of my profiles. How do I get that to stop? Many of these are base files I have used for various projects for years — and they had profiles for years. The profiles just started "disappearing" on my office PC about 2 weeks ago (updates to that machine are automatic) — but the profiles for those same files still exist on the files that have been on my laptop since my last trip — and I have not accepted any updates to PS7 on my laptop in well over a month.
Oct 7, 2003
I don’t know.

Unless you resaved the file without profiles, or processed it through something that strips profiles…

In other words – they contain EXACTLY what you saved them with.

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