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Jim Boulet
Sep 28, 2003
I recently took a series of portraits with the subject in front of a plain white paper backdrop. I would like to print some of these photos as 8 X 10 prints but the backdrop was not wide enough for me to crop the picture without some other background. Can anyone suggest a way that I can effectively stretch the background wide enough to cover the other background objects? An example can be seen at <>

Thanks in advance.

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Peter Figen
Sep 28, 2003

I would cut the subject out of the current background and paste him into a new canvas that was close in value to what you want. You can either do a rough feathered selection and then blend the old into the new, or draw a Path and use that for an exact selection. Or… third method. Duplicate the BG Layer. Add a third layer underneath the BG. Fill that layer with the tone you want. Then on the duplicate BG, which should be your top layer, add a Layer Mask and paint away what you don’t want. You then may have to fine tune the tone of the new background, but it’s a very quick method for getting where you want.
Sep 28, 2003
This particular picture was pretty easy. If the rest of them are similar, you should have no problem.

Here’s what I did:

First, I set my Rectangular Marquee tool to "Fixed Aspect Ratio" in the Options Bar, and entered 8 for width and 10 for height.

I drew out a marquee surrounding the subject and the BG.

Copy, Create a new document, and paste. (CTRL+C, CTRL+N, Enter, CTRL+V)

Now, I marqueed, from top to bottom, as wide a portion of the paper backdrop as I could on the subject’s left side. CTRL-J copies it onto its own layer. Do the same on the subject’s right.

Select one of the new backdrop pieces, CTRL+T, and stretch the selection to the side of the frame. Do the same with the other.

Here’s a look at the one I did…took about a minute:

Alex101-Full Backdrop <>
Jim Boulet
Sep 29, 2003
Thank you very much folks.

Phosphor, I used you suggestion. Slick!

Thanks again,
Sep 29, 2003
Glad to help, Jim.

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