why do I get out of gamut warning when soft proofing

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Jan 30, 2009
OK. I have 2 questions I’m desperately seeking answers to:
1. I’m using CS1 and have installed my printer profile. I assume this will show me what the colors will look like when I convert the photo to the printer’s color space (to do this I usually choose IMAGE – MODE -CONVERT TO PROFILE
Why then when I turn on the Gamut Warning, does it show that there are colors out of gamut?

2.When I load a photo with an embedded profile and I choose the option of USE THE EMBEDDED PROFILE INSTEAD OF THE WORKING SPACE do I still need to go to PROOF SETUP and choose the printer profile to see the colors as they will look when printed? Or is this doubling-up on the conversion process.
I would have thought that choosing the printer profile to proof a photo that has already been converted to the printer color space should not show any difference. Unfortunately it does, so I’m not sure which is the accurate one.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Jan 30, 2009
Question 1: You are doing this wrong. You should use View, Proof set-up, Custom, then choose your printer profile to see what the print will look like. Press Ctrl+y to toggle this off and on.

Question 2: Not sure what you mean here. You shouldn’t use a printer profile in the working space. Use Abobe RGB or sRGB. The printer profile can be used in the printer dialog box before printing. (In which case turn off Printer manages color in the printing dialog box).

Read the help file for more information.

Jan 30, 2009
Thanks Geoff,
Re. question 1.
I understand this now.
Regarding the second question:
1. I am using an Adobe RGB color space and I want to see what the photo will look like when printed.
2. I go to View…Proof setup and select my printer profile
3. Now the colors should match my printer ie what you see is what you get
4. If I now turn on the Gamut Warning, it shows that some colors are out of gamut, so what you see is NOT what you get?
Does the gamut warning mean "sorry, I can’t show these colors on your screen"? I thought it meant " Sorry your printer can’t match these colors and will change them slightly". But if this is the case it means that the Prof Setup is inaccurate

Sorry to be so long winded. I hope this makes sense.


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