Start-up Hangs on Find System Profiles, out of blue….

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Heather Bell
Jan 29, 2009
Sorry if I missed this in knowledge base, but search keeps coming up with Install Issues, which is NOT the problem.

CS3 Photoshop on Windows XP, I’ve had this and has been running fine since CS3 was first released. All of a sudden, today, with no updates installed for either software or OS, it’s Crashing (not responding) on program start-up, always at same point, when says "find system profiles". I did the ctrl+alt+shift start-up and reset, to no avail. I’m about to start going into all the other clean up options… but was hoping one of the forum gurus would recognize what’s happened and point me in the right direction without all the trial-and-error fun.
Thanks in advance!

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