Dodging/Burning – Protect Tones misbehaving

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Nov 15, 2008
In PS CS3 I had set up something very useful on my Wacom tablet. I had two buttons mapped to two different actions. They would do the following:

1) Load tool preset for Dodge, 25px soft round, 10%, Highlights
2) Load tool preset for Burn, 25px soft round, 10%, Shadows

With PS CS4 this doesn’t work because of the new "Protect Tones" checkbox. If Protect Tones is on, the tool preset will not change from "Highlights" to "Shadows" automatically. It just gets stuck on whatever it was on previously. To make matters worse, Protect Tones turns itself ON every time you switch from Dodge to Burn, even if you’ve saved a Tone Preset with Protect Tones turned off!

I hope an update for CS4 comes out soon to address little but frustrating bugs like this one.

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Nov 15, 2008
It probably means that there’s some glitch, and they haven’t updated Actions properly to record the Protect Tones checkbox… pretty disastrous if you need to use these tools as part of skin workflow, and you really need to assign keyboard shortcuts to them – but something that should be easy to fix on an upgrade

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