Help Center Missing – not responding to fixes posted here :-(

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Jun 19, 2007
Got an odd situation with CS2 9.0.2 on an XPPro PC with 1gb ram. A couple of nights back I thought I’d try ‘Photoshop Speedup’ which is a freeby from ‘’. It seems to get lots of good raps on the net so I thought I’d try it. Bad decision.

I won’t bore you with all the uninstalls and installs and defrags etc etc that I’ve done since, but, hallelujah, I’ve finally got a reinstalled CS2 that works. But there’s no Help Center.

According to the official Adobe fix info, here:
< 9210&sliceId=2>, I should be able to fix this by copying the help package ( into the "…Program Files/Adobe/Adobe Help Center/AdobeHelpData" folder.

Well, I would if I could but I don’t got that folder:-(

There’s only one folder in C:\Program Files\Adobe, and that’s "Adobe Photoshop CS2".

I’ve done umpteen searches over the last few days for the "ahc.exe" that’s mentioned in the fix info but there’s no sign of that either.

There’s definitely something weird going on here. Obviously, I uninstalled "Photoshop Speedup" as soon as I realized something was wrong, AND took WinXP back a couple of Restore Points to be on the safe side. But I think that damn app is still influencing Photoshop’s behaviour.

Like, it now loads in 4.75 seconds. Yes, that’s right, under 5 seconds from clicking the desktop icon to the Photoshop work screen. It loads so fast that I can’t even use the Ctrl\Alt key combo to change the scratch settings to my D drive.

Advice would be EXTREMELY welcome.
Jun 19, 2007
You change the scratch settings in Edit > Preferences > Plug-ins and Scratch Disks

For recovering Help read <>

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