CS Freezing on start-up after Scratch Disk Msg

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Jan 19, 2007
Photoshop CS has been working for me great until today. I started it up, and got a message suggesting I switch the Photoshop CS Scratch Disk location to somewhere other than the Windows Scratch Disk drive. Okay, noted, clicked [OK] and it starts to load normally. Then it dies just as it’s about to load the toolbox and workspace.

I’ve tried rebooting, opening certain PSD files, and it always freezes in the same place, setting up the workspace, while still hogging 99% of the CPU until I terminate it. ImageReady opens up fine.

Any suggestions? Is there somewhere I can edit the Scratch Disk settings outside the program?

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Jan 19, 2007
The fact you got that message means that Photoshop has for some reason switched back to it default settings. This could be after a crash or a bad shut-down (always let Photoshop close properly before switching the computer off).

This being the case, the preferences file will most likely have become corrupt. You can reset this by holding Ctrl+Alt+Shift whilst starting PS and answering YES to the resulting dialogue box. (More on how to do this in the FAQs)

If resetting Prefs does not cure the problem, get back here for further suggestions.

Jan 19, 2007
AH, I did have a power outage last night, that would explain it. I still can’t view the "Application Settings" folder like the FAQ indicates, but I did find the path in the Registry, and explicitly entering it in worked.

Thanks for the tip!

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