Re: Adobe Permissions Repair Utility

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Nov 13, 2006
First of all, there’s no way that "Repair Permissions" is ever the answer to a third party permissions error, unless said third party application is resetting OS directory permissions wrong. RP simply ignores everything not in a specific list.

Secondly, Telling people to make files in /Library/Applications world writeable is essentially opening a truck sized hole in file security, and as a sysadmin, the only proper response to such a suggestion is laughter.

Cruel, mocking laugher, and a reply of "No, that’s simply not acceptable. How about a real fix that doesn’t involve making computer-level directories world writable."

The worst part is REQUIRING this for a folder that holds data only needed on a temporary basis. This is inane, there’s already a directory for such things, it’s called /tmp. Each user gets their own folder in /tmp.

I thought Adobe learned the "don’t require stuff to be world – writable, it’s dumb" with the Acrobat 7 Safari modification.

Personally, I’d stop payment on any third party product that required such a thing until it was fixed. That’s just ridiculous.

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