How to speed up the slow browsing or opening of image folders

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Feb 12, 2004
When I open a sub-directory containing images windows stalls while inserting miniature thumbnails by each image name.

I’m still stuck with this problem. Running W2000 on a 233 Mhz system the CPU is saturated while windows extracts thumbnails from the images and places a tiny thumbnail by each file name (they are too small to see).

I have searched the Registry and, I guess, don’t know enough to cancel this ‘feature’ of windows. Changing the properties of each of the 1,000 slides I have scanned seems a very large task.

Does anyone know of a way to inhibit this useless task that windows is performing? Help! Help! Help! since I have another 1,000 images to scan.

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Feb 12, 2004
I don’t know my way around Windows very well, and especially not Win2000, but can’t you break things up into smaller folders so the system doesn’t feel obligated to generate so many thumbnails? I try to keep my folders pretty small by categorizing by date, subject, location, etc. and use a lot of folders within folders. I’m sure that would help enormously. Or, wait a minute – don’t you have an option (maybe look under "View") to display text only? I can do that for folder displays on the Mac, and I think I’ve done it on XP Pro, too. The best option is still breaking up the size of those folders, though. It would also be helpful if you ever decide to use the Browse feature of Elements.
Feb 12, 2004
Beth is correct, just click on View, then click List instead of Thumbnail. Once the folder is showing as only file lists, and no thumbs, then click TOOLS> FOLDER OPTIONS> then View, and check the box that says Apply to All Folders.
From then on any folder you open should work the same as that one, and display no thumbnails, only file names.

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