urgent advice on eliminating white hairlines around a path??

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Jun 23, 2004
i’ve been the fortunate recipient of some great adivce regarding alpha channels and dropping a background of white out around an object that needed to sit on a dark color when on press.

so today is the day the proof came back from the printer, and alas, i’m faced with several images that have hairline white around the edges of the objects, and i have a few hours to fix them before the printer can’t meet our deadline. argh!

so, here is the question: what is the fastest and most efficient way to get into a tiff file that already has a path saved in it,background removed (transparency intact) and remove this white hairline around the edges? the objects are full color and printing on a silver metallic pms.

would it be best to have the printer choke in a trap with the pms overprinting it? or would it be best for me to go in and possibly retouch this white out of the background? or to put a sliver of the metallic pms as a replacement and feather that out of the object?

many thanks in advance!

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Jun 23, 2004
Assuming the files are layered…

layer > matting > defringe

May help a great deal.

Another what is to command click on the layer, inverse the selection, zoom way in and then keep hitting delete as you watch the white pixels disappear with every tap onteh delete key (to a point)

Using alpha channels is a great way to extract thigns, however, in teh end, every extraction should include youwitha brush eliminating the little extras around the object. I have yet to see any extraction method that didnt’ need that last little step.
Jun 23, 2004
Are the 4c images overprinting or knocking-out the metallic ink.

I would suggest that you create a trap in your spotcolor channel or do this in your page-layout program.

For more on how to do this in Photoshop, see:
"Adjusting overlapping spot colors" and "Creating color traps" in Photoshop Help.

<< To create a trap: Save a version of the file in RGB mode, in case you want to reconvert the image later. Then choose Image > Mode > CMYK Color to convert the image to CMYK mode.
Choose Image > Trap.
For Width, enter the trapping value provided by your print shop. Then select a unit of measurement, and click OK. Consult your print shop to determine how much misregistration to expect. >>
Jul 10, 2004
many thanks for all the help. right as i faced the burden of expermenting on this all alone, my printer stepped in and decided they’d do them for me. the images *did* knock out of the pms. but they choked the background in a hair to eliminate the white lines.

and then the downside came: my computer had to go in for warranty work.

the final result was awesome, the images look great. thanks for the advice, i will employ it next time and hopefully not lose my computer for three weeks.

cheers 🙂

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