Black and White Conversion Tool – expert advice needed

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Jan 20, 2009
I’m trying to use the photoshop B&W conversion tool to simulate film curves. I have the spectral sensitivity of films such as TRI-X plotted over wavelength. It seems that the B&W conversion tool nicely resembles the color wheel. With this information I can translate the red – yellow – green – cyan – blue – magenta slider positions into wavelengths, at least approximately. It would be nice to know the exact wavelengths but an approximation will probably work. My problem is that I don’t know what the percentages on the sliders represent. If I normalize the film sensitivity mid spectrum for green or yellow how do the sensitivities translate into percentages? Is this a linear relationship or log? Basically I’m trying to understand what the math is behind the percentages in the dialog.

I’d really appreciate your help hoping that someone here is familiar with the workings behind this tool.

Thanks in advance.


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