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Jun 7, 2004
hi troops. let me get right into it. i have a project, its pretty simple, just 3 layers. a background, a layer whic i have created from a web based jpeg and another layer which is text. the problem i am encountering is that i want to ‘change’ the colors of the layer that contains the web based jpeg. but, when i use the ‘magic wand’ to choose the pixels to change i find that all the edges, (which are feathered and blurred), do not maintain that detail. in other words after i choose the pixels and use the paint bucket to change the objects colors i see the ‘ugly’ rough edges that i had worked so hard to eliminate. so, how do i get that layer to just stay the same state that it is in and just be able to change colors?

thanks mike c

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Jun 7, 2004
The best way to do this would be to first use
Select menu/Color Range
followed by
Image menu/Adjustments/Replace Color.

[Do a search for "Replace Color" in Photoshop’s Help for more info.]
Jun 7, 2004
thanks ann.

its funny. started to read more of my book, and that’s where i ended up: color range tool. sinice it is only one color, i suppose it will be easy to select it and change its color. but, what about using a gradient effect for the ‘new’ color in my layer.
e.g. ‘fading from blue to pink and back to blue.’

Jun 7, 2004
It sounds as if you are going to have to that in multiple steps — perhaps by making multiple History snapshots and painting with the history brush.

You might also like to experiment with using a customized swatch palette and Indexed Color as touched upon here:
Ann Shelbourne "Using PS 7 to turn scanned images into blueline images" 6/7/04 9:51am </cgi-bin/webx?14/0>

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