Adobe Bridge Update Failure

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May 28, 2005
I keep getting and error message when trying to update Adobe Bridge. I have tried via Help in Bridge, Help in PS CS2, and also going to common files folder and starting Updater manually. The error I get is "Adobe® Bridge® 1.0.1 Update Failed to Install". It downloads fine but refuses to install.

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May 28, 2005
I know it sounds obvious but did you close Bridge before installing?

My workflow during updates is to
– initialise the update
– while download is in progress close the application (for extra piece of mind I usually close all applications just in case)
– continue with the update with no other applications running

The new Bridge is awesome but I guess there will always be moments while it has to update all its stuff. Once updated – it seems like a supercharged version of its predecessor
May 28, 2005
Yes I have tried even manually started the updater without PS or anything else running.. and it still fails everytime… GRRRR.. starting to get very frustrated now.. been trying to get it working all night long now 🙁
May 28, 2005
Please ask Bridge Questions in the Bridge Forum where the Bridge engineers are hanging out.

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