Angsana New TT font not showing in Photoshop

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May 25, 2005
I have a font named ANGSANA NEW in True Type format.
When I open Photoshop 6 then it is not showing up.
It is installed in my fonts folder with all the other TT fonts.

If I open fireworks or flash then it shows up like normal.

any help appreciated

May 25, 2005
Are you sure it is not appearing in a second list below the first?

Fonts in Illustrator and Photoshop are ordered alphabetically by writing script code, Roman fonts appearing in the first group and others in subsequent groupings below the first.

Many TTFonts have the incorrect writing script as many foundries were using a font creation program with a bug in it.

If you open the adobefnt*.LST (where * represents either nothing or a single digit numeral), file, you will find those problem fonts have an entry for:

writingscript : easteuropean (or Greek , Cyrillic or something other than Roman).

By editing the Adobefnt.lst file so those entries read writingscript: Roman, they will appear in the correct order and be usable. However, you will also need to set the adobefnt.lst file to read only, or it will revert when Illustrator is next opened. This means that Illustrator won’t see any additions or deletions to/from your active fonts.

The real cure is to get versions of those fonts that do not contain the bug.

Note: There can be numerous copies of Adobefnt*.LST files on your machine – there will be at least one in every folder that contains any font file.
May 25, 2005
thanks for your reply.
It doesnt show in in the next group.
I cant seem to find the adobefnt*.LST file. I am working on a PC. Do you know where it would be located? I have looked in the FONTS folder in the control panel but only fonts in there?
May 25, 2005
They are all over.
Right click on My Computer icon
Choose Explore
Click on the Main drive "C"
Type Ctrl+F
In the file name box type the following:


Then click on the Search button (bottom of the pane)
You’ll get a list of all the places the files reside.

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