PS CS2, Bridge, and Exposure Compensation–metadata bug?

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May 21, 2005
I am looking at RAW images from a Nikon D70 in Bridge, and I have compared the this to File Browser in PS CS.

I just shot a series of images with exposure compensation from 0 to +2.5.

When I open Bridge, and look at the individual images, Bridge does not report the Exposure Bias Value correctly. Whichever image I first open after starting Bridge, the metadata window will display the proper Exposure Bias Value. But then, any other image I look at will show that very same value, even though it was shot at a different value.

In other words, if the first image I look at has a value of +1.0, that’s the value I will see for all the other images.

When I look at the metadata of the same images in PS CS File Browser, the metadata window reports the right Exposure Bias Value for each image.

Is this a bug?

Stan Schwartz

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May 21, 2005

there is a separate Bridge forum you can access at:
May 21, 2005
I’ve already reported the bug through other channels. The problem is more widespread and a tad more complex than that mentioned above, but seems only to effect +EV compensation. I’m seeing ALL values that should be greater than +0.33 actually reading +0.33. When I view the internal EXIF tags for the erroneous positive values via CS2 I’m seeing 1/1 rather than say 33/100, 67/100, etc that I would expect to see.

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