Photoshop CS up and running in Linux

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Sep 1, 2007
About four years ago in this newsgroup, somebody
mentioned that Photoshop 7 was working well
on Linux using Wine.

It took a while, but the Wine team finally got around
to getting Photoshop CS working well in Wine, too;
as of the next release (wine-0.9.45), even details
like pressure sensitive tablets ought to be working.

(Photoshop CS2 also seems usable already, but there’s
a bug that you have to hit ^C in the
console window to get past on startup, so it’s
not really ready for wide use. And Photoshop CS3
doesn’t even install yet, and probably won’t for a while.)

If you’re interested in helping the Wine team get
recent versions of Photoshop working, please
consider testing Photoshop under current Wine
and reporting the problems you find. See
for current status and suggestions on how to
give good feedback.
– Dan

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