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Sep 26, 2003
I am using photoshop 7.0 on windows xp. I am trying to get an image down to about 50-65k for delivering on the Internet. When I save as jpeg I can get it down to 84-95k with 5 for progressive scans and 5 medium resolution. I have tried to take the images to 2 and 3 but they look horrid. They are outside shots with lots of color. Any suggestions? I can not resize the image as I have to deliver with certain height requirements. Help!!! Thanks
Sep 26, 2003
Have you tried "Save for web"?
Sep 26, 2003
Blur them then use JPEG compression….

The blurring will make the file smaller. This blurring effect may counter acct the loss of image qyuality by some amount.

THe option is in the JPEG section of Save For Web.

You could , if you take the trouble, use the compression mask option on your image so as to apply variable compression to different parts of the unimportant parts are heavly compressed etc…
Colin Walls
Sep 27, 2003
How big [in pixels] is the image?
Why are you using progressive scans? This makes the file bigger and is totally ignored by IE.
Sep 28, 2003
t ko,

JPEG-2000, which uses wavelet-based compression, is much better than DCT-based JPEG for high compression ratios. For a comparison, see:


Hopefully the soon-to-be-released Photoshop 8 will have full support for JPEG-2000. Even more hopefully, Adobe’s implementation will include support for regional compression, allowing you to select which regions should have higher quality and which regions should have higher compression. LuraTech’s LuraWave plug-in for Photoshop has had that capability for years, although I haven’t seen anything to indicate that their JPEG-2000 plugin for Photoshop does.

Pegasus Imaging’s JPEG Wizard v2 standalone program does have Regional Compression capability for regular DCT-based JPEG files:


Apparently their JPEG-2000 plug-in for Photoshop does not support regional compression:


Let’s hope that Adobe’s JPEG-2000 implementation in Photoshop 8 does support regional compression. But, even without regional compression, JPEG-2000 can solve your problem by giving you much better image quality at high compression ratios. JPEG-2000 JP2 browser plugins are freely available.

If you wish to stay with the "old fashioned" DCT-based JPEG, JPEG Wizard v2 might do the trick for you or, even simpler, follow Hot_Denim’s advice to use variable compression (regional compression) in Photoshop.

— Burton — (not associated with LuraTech or Pegasus Imaging)

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