How to install optional plug-ins

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Kent McPherson
Mar 4, 2009
I just read in the March issue of Photoshop User magazine about optional plug-ins you can download from <>. It includes the Contact Sheet II plug-in among others. The article described how to install this plug-in but there are other things included in the Goodies folder that I’d like to install but not sure how. For example, there are textures but I don’t see a textures folder where PS CS4 is installed. The readme file doesn’t tell you how to install the features. Any help would be appreciated.

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Mar 4, 2009
most things like textures, actions, brushes etc. can be loaded via the flyout menu in their respective palettes. the little triangle in the upper right corner? click that, you’ll see "load textures" or "load brushes" etc.

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