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Dec 17, 2008
Can’t figure this out: Within the last two weeks (before which things were fine) whenever I pick a color and use a brush (any brush) and normally apply to a layer I never get that particular color. Instead it comes out slightly lighter and more saturated than the picked color. Which means when I’m trying to paint/blend with a particular skin tone I can’t because the picked color comes out differently. I’ve come up with a quick workaround by painting on a layer above then adjusting with Hues/Saturation/Levels/etc and then merging but this is tedious!!

I did notice when I checked my Color Settings my Color Working Space had been set/reset to sRGB IEC61966-2.1 (which I don’t recall doing or would do). I reset back to Adobe RGB (1998) but the saturated brushstrokes are still a problem …

My Color Management seems to be all synced …

I’m using CS2, WinXP Pro SP3 (which was a recent change, previously SP2)

Any ideas? Thanks, R Mohr
Dec 17, 2008
It sounds like you’re picking skin tone from an image (and therefore working space) that’s sRGB and moving to an image (and working space) that’s aRGB. You need to CONVERT the sRGB image to aRGB before using it to pick colors.
Dec 18, 2008
Thanks for the info! Yep, it seems I hadn’t paid attention to the working space of my document, for whatever reason it had been changed to sRGB, but that wouldn’t explain to me why the saturated color when I’m picking the color from within the sRGB document and using it within the same document.

Now I have all my preferences in order (and prompts to say if a docs imbedded color space doesn’t match my working space) and I think the problem is solved. But, if not I’ll be back!!

Thanks again!

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