Windows Vista Photo Gallery displays incorrect colors? Photoshop?

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Nov 30, 2008
Hi all

I have two PC’s running Windows Vista that I work with and both have photoshop CS3 installed, but for what ever reason on one of the PC’s the Windows Photo Gallery application displays really desaturated colors when views jpg’s and the like (the other PC’s displays them fine).

I’ve googled and haven’t yet found out a quality solution, lots of info on simply combining and replacing drivers and the like and nothing really set in stone from Adobe, or Microsoft etc

Any help would be great

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Nov 30, 2008
Are both your monitors hardware calibrated? Is Windows Photo Gallery a fully colour managed application?

If the answer to one or both questions is no then you cannot expect similar results.

If the monitors are calibrated and Photoshop has identical colour settings then the images should appear similar on each computer.

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