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Dec 17, 2007
I am posting this in the Photoshop forum as well as the Elements forum. I have a client who is wanting to create a slide show from their photos and than display them on a HDTV by using either their laptop or by burning the slide show to a DVD. I have found when I use Photoshop Elements I get terrible results (jaggies) and Elements seems to compress with no options. The client is using Elements 4.0. Any suggestions on what direction I should take?

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Dec 17, 2007
Are you producing a HD-DVD video? If not, your art is limited to the standard definition of a DVD video at around 720×480 pixels.

See if the player supports a plain JPG slideshow. Most modern players do. If so, simply create a data DVD (not a video DVD) with JPG files.
Dec 17, 2007
Jim I am sorry I was not clear with the first message the client’s first option is to drive the slide show from his computer and than have a DVD made for his clients. The reason he is using Elements is he has added music, narrations and text to document his world travels.
Dec 18, 2007
It may not necessarily be the program at fault. It could be how you are connecting the laptop to the TV. The video output of most laptops use the S-Video connector which does not support High Def.
The monitor connector would be the appropriate connector. The question is does the TV have a vga connector on it. If not check for a hdmi connector. It may be possible to find a vga to hdmi cable. I know they make a dvi to hdmi cable. I have also seen an adapter from vga to dvi.
If you are not sure what the connectors look like you will find pictures and or plug diagrams on wikipedia.

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