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Aug 6, 2007

What I would like to be able to do is as follows.

Consider a picture of a face on any background.
I would like to be able to cut out the face only and save it as a JPEG or EMF or Gif file so that I can use it in a Delphi programming project . That is, the face only could be placed on a background of my choice Can this be done in Photoshop 7 ?

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Aug 6, 2007
Investigate the "Extract" filter.
Aug 6, 2007
Yes, quite easily. Make a selection around the face using Extract or a Lasso or the Pen or what have you. Copy. File>New. Paste. Save in whatever format you wish. You might want to use Save for Web for jpg or gif. Not sure Photoshop will save in EMF.
Aug 7, 2007
Thanks for both replies.
I’ll try each of them.
Aug 7, 2007
Be aware that you cannot do the CSI trick of taking the small image out of a crowd shot, and then enlarge it to a full size and have it sharp. Enlarging (upsampling) will result in a blurrier image. You can sharpen and do some things to make it better, but it will never be as good as you see happening on TV or in the movies.
Aug 7, 2007
Thanks Don,
I think I’ve only taken about two photographs in my life so most of this is a mystery to me.
It is possible to cut out a section of a photo in microsoft paint and save it to another file. I just thought that a top package like Photoshop would have a one-click way of doing this.
Naive, I suppose.

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