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Apr 13, 2007
I have taken several photographs of flowers. I would like to do the following: Cut out the flowers from the pictures and make a separate image of each. Then place them on a white backgroud to make a grouping of flowers. When I place an image, I can’t move it around after placing the 2nd. I need to be able to move each image around as desired, until I get the picture I want. I tried using layers, but it didn’t seem to work. I put each image on a layer, but couldn’t move the image around after hiding the other layers and showing only that one.

How can I do this simply?

thank you

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Apr 13, 2007
I suspect you were trying to move a picture when you did not have that specific layer active. In the layers palette, click on the layer of the picture you wish to move around so that layer is active. Then you should be able to move the layer with the "move tool". The layer you wish to move has to be selected, otherwise it will not move. Also make sure the layer is not locked.
Apr 13, 2007
As Michael says plus in Photoshop CS:

1 – click in the layer list on the layer containing the image you would like to adjust

2 – CTRL+A (to select all in that layer)

3 – CTRL+T (to start free transform tool)

4 – transform the flower (enlarge, shrink, rotate, move)

5 – click on the green tick to accept the changes or red X to cancel the changes)

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