rectangular marquee tool – help

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Mar 9, 2007
CS2 uses the crippled Opera browser as John said, along with nonintuitively named and zipped HTML help files. It does, however, have a PDF version of the manual, named something like Photoshop Help.pdf.

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Mar 9, 2007
guys, thanks for ur time…. really appreciate it… 🙂

all i can find in the help file is using custom shape tool and in the right side, i click the the triangle shape and then select a shape from the list like frames, animals, web, etc…

what i want to happen is use the marquee tool and use stroke… but i cant find a way to round the coners of the rectangular marquee tool…. 🙁

hope u guys can tell me how to do it please…
Mar 9, 2007
The Marquee is a selection tool. You need to use the Rounded Rectange Tool.

Hit F1. type in "Tools Palette" and read up on all the options, where they are, and how to use them.
Mar 9, 2007
The problem is, someone mentioned the Custom Shape tool. It’s the Shape tools, not the Custom Shapes. They are all in the same place though. Look.
Mar 9, 2007
That’d be a Mac person! 😉

….Oh, what the heck!
Mar 9, 2007
"…someone mentioned the Custom Shape tool…"

Mea culpa.

Still, that should have been enough to draw Jose’s attention away from the Marquee Tool and in the right direction. But I apologize for being inaccurate.

Funny how ImageReady has a Rounded Rectangle Marquee Tool, and Photoshop doesn’t. That’s never made any sense to me.
Mar 9, 2007
thanks guys, many, many thanks for ur time helping me out 🙂

now i understand, i was looking for a rounded rectangular marquee tool coz imageready has it, i assumed that photoshop has it also… thats why i was focusing on marquee tool… i was wondering why i’m being referred to a different tool….

well thanks guys, thank u also mea culpa i know now…. 😀

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